At Capitol Partners, Inc., we specialize in forming partnerships in Washington. We don’t deal in platitudes or vague promises. Instead, our pitch is simple: in pursuit of your public policy goals, we will craft your government relations strategy and connect you with who you need to know.


Putting Together Your Team 

Today, there are so many options to affect governmental decision-making that the consumer cannot avoid being confused. Firms of every conceivable stripe have sprung up like weeds: “full-service” firms, crisis management firms, grassroots communications firms, state and local firms. There are firms which focus on particular congressional committees and subcommittees and there are firms which focus solely on particular members. We could go on and on but the point is straightforward – finding the services best for you is not a simple or easy task.

While some are better and more effective than others, very rarely is it the case that a single concern can service all your needs. Still, there is an enormous reservoir of experience and talent at your disposal – if you have the right guide. Let us sift through the mess of claims put forward by so many firms and help you establish a team here in D.C. that can and will help you achieve your public policy goals.

Unless you have worked in Washington for decades, engaged with this town’s institutions and its key players, finding out where to turn won’t be easy at all. But for a modest fee, Capitol Partners, Inc. will help you avoid the all-too-common error of signing with the wrong firm(s). The fact of the matter is that the relationships and experts you need are scattered throughout D.C. Who and where they are is what we know. Putting them together and building a team tailored to your needs is what we do.

Marketing Through Strategic Alliances

You may be interested in marketing your products and wonder what resources exist in Washington to help you  succeed. In the increasingly competitive landscape that is Washington, D.C., partnerships with industry associations give our clients a competitive advantage by implementing more integrated and actionable strategies that result in high success.  Capitol Partners can provide our clients with effective and efficient marketing strategies by tapping into the concentrated Washington based resource of industry associations. These  associations are typically made up of every major corporation in a particular industry and interaction with these associations generally  provides a means to reach out and touch the major industry players and engage them on issues and products.

Over the years, our work has enabled us to develop relationships with  scores of such associations and therefore to offer our clients the opportunity to get to know and develop strong relationships with  potential corporate partners. The ability to connect and gain exposure with numerous  key company decision makers in one place at one time  represents an extraordinary marketing opportunity  and Capitol Partners can help to make that happen.

Entering the US Marketplace From Abroad

While the United States economy continues to produce extraordinary companies in every sector, there is no question that based on technological reach and price, foreign companies are often better suited for success. Whether in the area of transportation, pharmaceutical development, food and agriculture, foreign enterprises can compete successfully within the complex US market.

However, penetrating the US market requires a careful navigation of the sometimes very complex and extensive laws and regulations. Capitol Partners, Inc. can help your company untangle the web of regulations and help establish a team that will guarantee the ability to compete on an even playing field.

Here are a few areas regulated by the US federal government:

  • Alcohol and firearms

  • Advertising

  • Pharmaceuticalspexels-photo-122164

  • Financial institutions

  • Broadcasting

  • Agriculture and food

  • Oil and gas

  • Chemicals

  • Defense

  • Energy

In addition to the regulations, foreign companies are subject to reporting and filing requirements including the following:

  • International trade regulations

  • The (FARA)

  • The Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

  • Transportation standards and requirements.

So it’s not simply the quality of the foreign product that matters. Understanding the reach and scope of these obstacles can mean the difference between failure or success in the US marketplace. At Capitol Partners, Inc., we know how to put together a team that will work for you.