Here are a select few of our client projects over the years:



FLIR Systems

Starting in FY2000, we successfully petitioned Congress and the Department of Defense to outfit the U.S. Coast Guard and USMC hardware with FLIR System’s thermal imaging technologies. 

General Atomics

We worked with key members of Congress on General Atomic’s behalf to earmark millions of dollars in successive National Defense Authorization Acts towards research in various environmentally-friendly military technologies, including algae-based jet fuel. 



Emmanuel College

We were retained by Emmanuel College, a private higher education institution in Boston, MA, to capitalize on federal funding opportunities arising from the school’s partnership with the pharmaceutical company Merck. Over the next eight years, we helped win close to $3 million in six separate Congressional appropriations. 

Hartwick College

We secured $1 million in federal grants for cutting-edge STEM equipment at the new science center of Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. 



Lahey Clinic

Capitol Partners provided in-depth analysis of emerging federal policy as well as strategic counsel on federal funding opportunities. 

St. Agnes Hospital

By leveraging our Congressional relationships, we helped secure $1.2 million from the federal government for the state-of-the-art mammography equipment at St. Agnes Hospital’s Breast Center in Baltimore, MD. 



Buffalo and Ft. Erie Public Bridge Authority

In 2005, we were tasked with helping the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority meet their $25 million federal funding goal for repairs on the Peace Bridge, which connects Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie in Ontario, Canada. Working, with New York’s Congressional delegation, we ensured that 100 percent of the Authority’s funding requirements were met in the quadrennial Surface Transportation Authorization Bill. 

City of Round Rock, TX

We implemented a federal relations outreach strategy for the municipality Round Rock, TX that resulted in $2 million in federal grants for infrastructure updates, circa FY2010. 



Compagnie des Signaux et d’Entreprises Electrique (CSEE)

CSEE, a subsidiary of transportation systems giant Ansaldo STS, hired us to connect them with major players in Congress and in America’s business community. Their products are used in public transit systems nationwide. 


We were enlisted by Schlumberger, a French company specializing in metering technologies, to help them penetrate the U.S. parking and ticketing market. Today, Schlumberger’s multi-space parking meters can be found in cities across the nation. (Note: Schlumberger’s parking and ticketing division was bought by Parkeon S.A.)



ALS Therapy Development Institute

We were asked by the ALS Therapy Development Institute of Cambridge, MA to help the then-fledgling nonprofit make connections in Washington. Soon thereafter, we were able to obtain for ALS TDI $4.2 million in federal research funding as part of the Gulf War Research Project. 


On behalf of Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi’s vaccine division, we educated members of Congress on the health benefits of routine vaccination. We also worked to highlight contemporary scientific research disproving the alleged linkage between vaccination and autism.