25 years of creating successful connections.

Capitol Partners, Inc.

Making Washington work for you. 


Capitol Partners, Inc. is here to help you navigate the morass that is Washington, D.C.’s interest representation landscape. Since 1999, we’ve provided strategic guidance to hundreds of companies and other organizations seeking to participate in Beltway policymaking conversations.


Let us guide you.


Government is about who gets heard and what gets done.

We get government.


At Capitol Partners, Inc., we specialize in forming partnerships in Washington. We don’t deal in platitudes or vague promises. Instead, our pitch is simple: in pursuit of your public policy goals, we will craft your government relations strategy and connect you with who you need to know.

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For over 25 years, we have helped numerous clients in the industries of defense, education, healthcare, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, transportation and international as well. Capitol Partners, Inc. has a wide array of connections in Washington, DC and throughout the United States and enables us to bring successful results to our clients. 

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